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Should You Blow Dry Your Hair with a Brush?

Leaving the house without blow drying your hair is a huge no-no for most girls. It is the perfect solution for the frizzy and tangled mess our hair is most of the time.

But one cannot always afford to go to a salon for a blow dry; on the other hand, replicating the professional blow dry process at home isn't always achievable either.

We hear you! Have you heard of blow dry brush? Should you try a hair brush blow dryer? How to use a hot air brush in Australia? Let’s answer all your questions!

Should You Blow Dry Your Hair with a Brush?

The secret to perfect blown out hair lies in the brush you use for the process. The issues rarely lie with the hair dryer and straightener or your hair type. It is the hair dryer brush that may be the problem.

Blow drying with round or paddle brushes is known to damage hair. That's why they may still have some frizz after you're done. So, use a styling kit with multiple attachments to get the perfect look.

So, should you blow dry your hair with a brush? We suggest you only do so if you have the right hair dryer brush in Australia.

Mistakes To Avoid When Blow Drying Your Hair

1. Drying Hair That Is Soaking Wet:

Blow drying is meant to be done on partially dry hair (at least 65% dry). Use the blow dryer on damp hair and not sloppy hair. This is important to reduce heat damage as well as frizz. Squeeze out excess water with a towel before drying.

2. Not Sectioning Your Hair:

Do not dry all your hair at once. Section it into small parts depending on volume and blow dry the sections one by one. It leads to faster drying.

3. Drying In The Wrong Direction:

Always blow dry from the root to the tip. Drying in the other direction makes the hair more frizzy and flat.

4. Using The Wrong Heat Setting:

If you use a blow dryer on too high a setting, your hair may suffer damage. Make sure to use the cool dry option, it exists for a reason.

5. Using The Wrong Brush:

We have already talked about this in the previous section, but how to fix this issue? OLY 4-in-1 Hairstyler by Hoppy Beauty is the perfect solution to all your hair dryer brush confusions.

This hair dryer brush in Australia is equipped with 4 different types of attachments: curls, waves, volume, and straightening and is suitable for all hair types. It doesn't take up much of your storage either! It is easy to use, and the brush doesn't damage your hair at all. Cool, isn't it?

6.   Not Fitting A Nozzle:

The nozzle comes with your dryer because it is important to be used. The nozzle helps to concentrate the air evenly during specific blow drying effects. Choose the nozzle according to your hair type.

7.   Forgetting Heat Protectant:

When you are using a hair brush dryer, you are literally exposing your strands to intense heat. Hence, a heat protectant or hair serum must be applied before blow drying your hair. 

Blow drying, even at home, can give extraordinary results if done perfectly. Take care of these minute details and dazzle the world with your luscious curls, soft waves, or even voluminous straight hair. Why tolerate frizzy and flat hair when you can get rid of it with OLY from Hoppy Beauty - the best hair dryer brush in Australia!

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