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Should You Blow Dry Your Hair with a Brush?

Leaving the house without blow drying your hair is a huge no-no for most girls. It is the perfect solution for the frizzy and tangled mess our hair is most of the time.

But one cannot always afford to go to a salon for a blow dry; on the other hand, replicating the professional blow dry process at home isn't always achievable either.

We hear you! Have you heard of blow dry brush? Should you try a hair brush blow dryer? How to use a hot air brush in Australia? Let’s answer all your questions!

What is a blow-dryer brush?

The OLY 5-in-1 Hairstyle Kit from Hoppy Beauty features a blow-dryer brush attachment. Imagine a big round brush, just like the ones stylists use to blow dry hair. The difference with the OLY is that this brush is electric, and hot air blows out when you turn it on. 

As you move the brush, the warm air dries your hair, meaning you can easily style your hair as you dry it instead of wasting time by breaking the process into two steps. The brush detangles the hair as it dries it, and the multiple heat settings allow you to choose the best option for your hair type. No matter the hair, the result is frizz-free and gorgeous.

Even better, you can choose your look. The blow-dryer brush can straighten wavy and curly hair, or you enhance your curls for a perfect tousled look. 

Should You Blow Dry Your Hair with a Brush?

The secret to perfect blown out hair lies in the brush you use for the process. The issues rarely lie with the hair dryer and straightener or your hair type. It is the hair dryer brush that may be the problem.

Blow drying with round or paddle brushes is known to damage hair. That's why they may still have some frizz after you're done. So, use a styling kit with multiple attachments to get the perfect look.

So, should you blow dry your hair with a brush? We suggest you only do so if you have the right hair dryer brush in Australia.

How do you use a blow-dryer brush?

A round blow-dryer brush can turn anyone into a hair-drying professional. Want to master an at-home blowout? Here's your chance; just follow this Hoppy Beauty tutorial.

What you'll need:

Get the look:

Wash your hair

There's nothing better than freshly washed hair! After washing your hair, use a t-shirt or microfibre towel instead of a regular terrycloth towel to remove excess moisture. Using smooth materials to dry your hair reduces breakage and frizz. Aim to remove excess water but leave your hair damp before you begin drying. 

If you like to use a hair moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, or hair oil, we recommend using it while your hair is still wet; apply it to your ends, then comb it through to the roots. If you use a heavier cream like argan oil, combining it with the blow dryer brush is like giving your hair salon-quality hot oil treatment. It will leave your hair shiny and healthy, and the heat will ensure the follicle is fully penetrated, leaving no residue.

Let your hair partially dry

You'll get the best results if your hair is partially dry. For the best results with your blow-dryer brush, work with hair that is damp instead of soaking wet.

Apply heat protectant product

Spritz all over, then gently run a brush through your hair to distribute the product and eliminate any tangles.

Section your hair

Use the claw clips to section your hair. The number of sections depends on how much hair you have. Start by parting your hair into top and bottom sections. Twist the top section together and secure it with a claw grip on the top of your head. If your hair is long enough, part the bottom section at the back of your neck and bring each section over your shoulders so the hair is resting on your chest. You can work on each side separately.

Wrap your hair

It's time to grab your OLY blowout brush. Turn it on, then take a section of hair, place the brush at your ends, and roll it up the length of your hair. The barrel should end up at your roots, with your hair wrapped around the brush.


Wait 10 to 20 seconds, then slowly unwind the brush. The blower brush will give you silky, frizz-free strands with a slight curl at the ends. Yay!


Work your way around the rest of your head, wrapping and releasing until all your hair is dry. 


Now your hair is glorious; it's time to add any finishing touches. Use your OLY blow-dryer brush to tweak any areas that could use some extra attention. When you're looking absolutely stunning, like you've just walked out of a salon, apply a small amount of hair serum throughout for a sleek, professional finish.

Set your style

Lastly, add a spray of hairspray all over, then set your style with a high-shine formula. Gorgeous!

Mistakes To Avoid When Blow Drying Your Hair

1. Drying Hair That Is Soaking Wet:

Blow drying is meant to be done on partially dry hair (at least 65% dry). Use the blow dryer on damp hair and not sloppy hair. This is important to reduce heat damage as well as frizz. Squeeze out excess water with a towel before drying.

2. Not Sectioning Your Hair:

Do not dry all your hair at once. Section it into small parts depending on volume and blow dry the sections one by one. It leads to faster drying.

3. Drying In The Wrong Direction:

Always blow dry from the root to the tip. Drying in the other direction makes the hair more frizzy and flat.

4. Using The Wrong Heat Setting:

If you use a blow dryer on too high a setting, your hair may suffer damage. Make sure to use the cool dry option, it exists for a reason.

5. Using The Wrong Brush:

We have already talked about this in the previous section, but how to fix this issue? OLY 5-in-1 Hairstyler by Hoppy Beauty is the perfect solution to all your hair dryer brush confusions.

This hair dryer brush in Australia is equipped with 4 different types of attachments: curls, waves, volume, and straightening and is suitable for all hair types. It doesn't take up much of your storage either! It is easy to use, and the brush doesn't damage your hair at all. Cool, isn't it?

6.   Not Fitting A Nozzle:

The nozzle comes with your dryer because it is important to be used. The nozzle helps to concentrate the air evenly during specific blow drying effects. Choose the nozzle according to your hair type.

7.   Forgetting Heat Protectant:

When you are using a hair brush dryer, you are literally exposing your strands to intense heat. Hence, a heat protectant or hair serum must be applied before blow drying your hair. 

Blow drying, even at home, can give extraordinary results if done perfectly. Take care of these minute details and dazzle the world with your luscious curls, soft waves, or even voluminous straight hair. Why tolerate frizzy and flat hair when you can get rid of it with OLY from Hoppy Beauty - the best hair dryer brush in Australia!

Choose OLY 5-in-1 Hairstyle Kit

There you have it; you're officially a hair dryer brush pro! Welcome to the club. Your OLY tools will change your life. Once you get a blow dryer brush, you'll save money because you won't have to go back to the salon for blow dries.

Your hair will always be perfect, and we're not being dramatic; we just love our OLY brush this much, and we know you will too! 

Order your OLY dryer brush today, and we want to see you use it once it arrives! Post your photos, give us your best tips for styling hair with a dryer brush, and make sure to tag us

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