Blow drying curly hair

Can I Blow Dry My Curly Hair?

There are so many ways to style curly hair, i.e., you can flaunt your natural curls or maybe you can get creative. And sometimes, you may have that urge to straighten your curly hair with a blow dry brush.

Even though this method is trendy and new, there is always the question, "Does blow drying damage my curls?”. Let’s find it.

Can I Blow Dry My Curly Hair?  

Conventional wisdom states that hair dryers and hair diffusers can cause heat damage to your natural curls, but that’s not always the case.

If you use a heat protectant as a barrier between your hair strands and the hair brush blow dryer, the heat won't affect your hair pattern at all. Also, if you have a proper hair care routine (including deep conditioners), nothing can ruin your natural curls. 

So, can you blow dry your curly hair? Absolutely, yes.

The Process Of Blow Drying For Curly Hair 

Are you still confused about how to blow dry your curls? Let us guide you through the process.

1. Wash and Condition:

Wash your curls with a shampoo, and then finish it off with a deep conditioner. Conditioning is vital before using hair brush dryers to ensure your beautiful hair doesn't break.

2. Dry and Detangle:

Make sure your hair is at least 65% dry before you proceed to blow drying. After this, slowly detangle your hair with a hairbrush. Tangled hair should not be directly blown out.

3. Apply Heat Protectant:

Do not expose your hair to direct heat waves. A heat protectant is a must for blowing out procedures despite the hair type.

4. Section:

Partition your hair into 4-5 sections from front to back. The number of sections may vary depending on your hair's volume.

5. Blow Dry:

For this step, use a hair brush and diffuser. OLY by Hoppy Beauty is an excellent choice for most Australian ladies.

Start blowing your hair from the roots to the tip section-wise. For a long-lasting look, end it with a cool shot of air.

Are Blowouts Bad For Naturally Curly Hair?

Curly hair is more delicate than any other hair type, and if the straightening brush isn't used in the appropriate way, there's definitely a chance of hair breakage and split ends. If you follow the above procedure correctly, the hair blow dryer won’t affect your gorgeous hair.

Another good suggestion from our end is to use the OLY 4-in-1 Hairstyler by Hoppy Beauty. It is a simple to use product that is suitable for all hairstyles and hair types. Our hair straightener from Australia comes with the perfect blow dry brush for curly hair in this package. And we can assure you that it will be gentle on your beautiful curls!

So if you are looking for a product that can volumize, straighten or even curl your hair back while not damaging it at all, OLY is the way to go!

There are several reasons for curly hair breakage, and blowing it out may be one, but you can always avoid it by following proper procedures. The secret between perfectly blown out hair and frizzy hair lies in the process and now that we have spilled it out, style your curls the way you want!

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