Straight hair holding a curl

Why won't my Straight Hair Hold a Curl?

We all dream about stepping out of the house with luscious salon-finished hair, but not everyone can afford a personal hairdresser. Instead, you're more likely to spend precious time every morning before work in front of a mirror, trying in vain to get your long straight hair to hold some movement.

We've heard plenty of stories from clients about the time they have wasted attempting to get their fine, straight hair to hold a curl.

There's nothing worse than spending ages trying to curl your hair only to have the curls fall out before you sit down with your date. 

While your grandma might still be loyal to her overnight sponge rollers, it's 2022! There's got to be a better way. So, why does straight hair lose curls so quickly? Let's get down to finding out the truth.

Look to your tools

While in the 1990s, curling irons were all the rage, there's more to curling your hair than the tongs your mum gave you for your year 12 ball. With all the amazing technological advances of the last decade, arm yourself with a decent bit of hairstyling kit to experience a significant style upgrade. The OLY 5-in-1 Hairstyler by Hoppy Beauty is a four-in-one hair dryer/straightener/curler combo perfect for giving even the straightest hair Instagram-worthy waves.

Look at the size of the heating barrel. A thinner barrel is great for shorter hair, while longer hair works better with a slightly larger barrel. Many people think you need a large wand for tousled waves, but using a smaller barrel makes the curls tighter from the start, allowing them to drop gently throughout the day.

Look to your preparation 

Preparation is key when it comes to keeping curls in straight hair. In fact, we'd go so far as to say prep is almost as important as curling your hair!

Look for a product with hold to use on your hair before getting out your hair curler. It could be mousse, a heat protectant, a hair spray, or a dry texture spray, but whatever you choose, your hair will love it.

At Hoppy Beauty, we love dry texture spray because it gives your hair some grit, allowing it to stick to the iron rather than sliding off. Dry texture spray also adds a nice messy texture, giving a definite beach-babe-straight-from-the-surf vibe.

Start by sectioning your hair

Even if your hair of very fine, we recommend sectioning your hair. Without sectioning and working methodically around your head, it can be easy to miss pieces, making your hair look flat even if it's not.

Go all-in with your sectioning to ensure you catch every strand. Butterfly grips or bobby pins can help keep your hair in place while curling.

Stop curling from the bottom of the strand rather than the root

If you're using a small barrel, it can be tricky to wrap large sections of hair around the barrel - this can also affect the heat distribution. Keep your sections small and manageable.

Remember that when you curl from the bottom of the hair strand to the top, it's the bottom that gets most of the heat. The result? Hair that is super curly at the ends and flat and lifeless at the scalp. Bottom-heavy curls can weigh down the hair closest to the scalp, making the curls fall faster.

The OLY by Hoppy Beauty allows you to start close to the scalp and wrap your hair down the barrel, ensuring most of the heat is towards the top of the head, adding extra volume. 

Hold your curls in place

Okay, we are crazy about bobby pins. They are just so useful when it comes to keeping curls in straight hair. Curls aren't set until they are completely cool, so pin them to your head with medium-sized bobby pins or clips while they're still hot.

For that little extra hold, spray your hair while they're setting!

Your hair is too clean

While we all adore clean hair, the truth is that clean hair just doesn't have the hold as hair with a little oil in it. Curls work best on second-day hair.

If you need to be clean, consider using dry shampoo on your hair before you curl to give it extra texture and volume.

You're brushing out your curls

Of course, no one wants to walk out of the house with perm roller curls like their nanna, but we encourage you to go easy on using a brush to separate your curls. A brush can pull the curl down too much and runs the risk of adding in the frizz factor.

We suggest using a wide-tooth comb or just your fingers to gently tease apart your curls without overdoing it. Try bending over and flipping your hair over your head just after you finish curling. Shaking out the curls from the root of your hair can add to the messy, undone curl look.

While you're down there, spritz with some hairspray or dry texture spray before you brush them out, so the hold stays.

Choose OLY by Hoppy Beauty for Summer-ready curls

The OLY 5-in-1 Hairstyler by Hoppy Beauty is our easy-to-use product suitable for all hairstyles and hair types. Our hair straightener from Australia comes with the perfect blow dry brush for curly hair in this package.

So, if you're looking for a product that can volumise or curl even the straightest hair, OLY is the way to go.

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